Fredrik Wesslén Joins Qgroup with TroniQ in Sweden

TroniQ is the newest addition to our expanding company portfolio, opening up a new competence area within Qgroup: mechanical and electrical engineering combined with embedded software development.

TroniQ is the home for talented people who want to thrive, grow, and do exceptional work. Using Qgroup’s personal development tools gives them a unique career opportunity to reach their professional goals and build their reputation. Clients will benefit from working with the best, highly motivated experts with a passion for their handcraft.

Fredrik Wesslén, TroniQ’s Founder & CEO, expressed his excitement about this new venture, adding, “During my career, I have always been drawn to the combination of technology, business, and giving opportunities to talented people. The first time I came in contact with Qgroup, I realized that I had finally met people who talk the talk and walk the walk. Through Qgroup’s unique offer to the consultants, we work to build the company around them, which is our core business and our passion. I’m thrilled to join Qgroup’s journey to change and shape a new way of consulting. Help amazing people achieve their goals and solve our customers’ problems while having a blast doing it. What more can you ask for?