Qgroup Launches Cybersecurity Company Secure by Q

Together with Petter Larsson and Janne Karppinen, both with vast experience in risk, security, and regulatory compliance, Qgroup is launching a new company, Secure by Q.

Digital transformation is increasing, creating exciting opportunities and risks. Cyberattacks, generative AI, employee behavior, third-party risks, threat exposure, communication gaps, and disinformation are aspects that must now be managed with preventive measures. Qgroup is now taking a firm hold in security and building up the new company Secure by Q.

The company will be run and led by co-founders Janne Karppinen and Petter Larsson, who will step in as directors and exercise shared leadership. Petter Larsson has a long and broad background in national and international risk, security, and leadership under challenging conditions, including the Swedish Armed Forces and the Security Police. Janne Karppinen (CISSP® and CISM®) has over 20 years of experience in the security field and is a strategic and experienced security leader with global experience in various security areas. They are both highly valued managers and leaders and themselves active as advisors for the company’s customers.

From the start, Secure by Q has been an innovative consulting company characterized by its specialization in modern and digital risk, security, and regulatory compliance. It is based on the principle of seamlessly integrating risk management, security, and compliance into organizations’ business and organizational strategy and counteracting unnecessary uncertainty.

Their services cover a wide range of needs, from cyber security and information security to security protection, crisis management, and secure digitization, including cutting-edge domains such as AI, IoT, and autonomous technologies.

Jon Carvell, CEO at Qgroup, comments:
We are excited to introduce our new company, Secure by Q, which is simply redefining the risk, security, and compliance landscape. It will revolutionize the conventional risk and security sector as we have and will bring us the most sought-after risk and security talent in the market.”

Petter Larsson & Janne Karppinen, Leaders of Secure by Q, say:
The team at Secure by Q’s way of working not only ensures reduced uncertainty for our customers but also drives sustainable growth, operational excellence, and progress in quality and innovation. This is our focus! We know that these areas are important in companies and the public sector, and we will help customers strengthen their core business and operations with balanced risk and security work.

Jon Carvell concludes:
Petter Larsson and Janne Karppinen are best-in-class on the market, which is completely in line with how we build companies. We will acquire additional talent to be the obvious choice for both new customers and employees.

Secure by Q is based in Malmö and works with local, national, and international assignments.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Carvell, CEO Qgroup

Petter Larsson, Leader Secure by Q

Janne Karppinen, Leader Secure by Q