The Qgroup Scholarship awarded to OatLab

Since 2014, Qgroup has awarded selected students with the Qgroup Scholarship. Recipients are graduates from the Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Lund University.

This year, the scholarship is awarded to Team OatLab AKA – Amrit Gill, Anne Offringa & Teddy van der Vlugt for the following reasons:

“In their start-up project, they offer a commercialisation avenue to a Lund University innovation of a novel method to emulsify oat oil. And thus, their start-up offers – in their own words: “Sweden’s first oat-based skincare line, made for conscious consumers who want to nourish both self and planet, by eliminating chemical additives and using ethically-sourced ingredients.”

Mikael Kretz, co-founder of Qgroup:

“It’s an honor to be present at the graduation ceremony yet again and to be able to hand out our scholarship to students who have made an impression with their innovation. Our own identity lies in questioning old truths and paving the way for new thinking. Hence, this scholarship lies close to our hearts. I’m thrilled to see so many aspiring students and ideas, and we hope to make a difference by highlighting the winners and offering them monetary support.”

The Qgroup Scholarship is an award of 20.000 SEK.