Qgroup’s Latest new Company, Data Dao, Launches Website and Comms Platform

Data Dao was launched in October last year with the mission to provide the market with unique specialists in data. Since then, the organization has grown with more consultants, they have started a podcast on the topic of data, and today is the launch day of their brand-new website –

The first version of the website is loaded with content that will gradually be extended, such as a resource bank with articles, templates, and code repos that Data Dao uses and would like to share.

Benny Andrén, founder and partner, Data Dao:

“We are thrilled to finally be able to launch our website and communication platform. Now we can start communicating with both customers, partners, and candidates in our own way. Communication is one of our pillars, as we want to stand out as being different by doing differently. We want to show that a lot around data is yet undone, and we strive to be one of the thought leaders in providing food for thought and communication around it. Our website and podcast are two great examples of that.”

For more info, please visit, and follow Data Dao’s LinkedIn page at