Qgroup starts Data Dao – data with an edge

Qgroup grows and starts yet another new IT company - Data Dao - in Malmö. The three founders, Erik Munkby, Daniel Andersson and Benny Andrén, are currently building an organization with specialist consultants in data with a unique edge.

By also having good insights into implementation, change management and organizational culture, Data Dao should be able to offer its customers a significantly higher success rate in data projects.

“After many years in the industry, we have often seen large projects dealing with slip-ups. To successfully push projects through with optimal results, it’s required that the consultant works closely with the business and really understands it. That’s why we are now recruiting talent who have such deep knowledge of organizational issues and behavioural science that they can go anywhere and create results on completely new levels,” says Benny Andrén, founder and partner, Data Dao.

New times for data
To attract the right talent, Data Dao has a different recruitment process. For example, a new form of community is being created at Foo Café in Malmö. Those interested in data are invited there to be able to discuss questions connected to data in a more relaxed manner, while some give presentations about their various niches.

We create connections with people who have a close connection to technology, but who must care about that the technology is used. The idea of ​​the community is to invite people with different backgrounds regarding age, gender and culture. We want to bring in as many perspectives as possible to be complete.”

Podcast in the making
Going forward, Data Dao has plans to start a podcast on the subject, where you should be able to talk about data in a fairly “down to earth” way.

We want to demystify all the platitudes that exist in the IT world and find the best talent that the industry has. Data Dao is formed in a different way than a traditional IT consulting company, which is the whole point.

For more information:
Benny Andrén, co-founder and partner Data Dao