Qgroup signs framework agreement with Sveriges Riksbank

Qgroup's subsidiary Dynabyte was chosen as system integrators in Sweden's central bank, Sveriges Riksbank's public procurement. The framework agreement runs over two years, with the possibility of extension for four more years, and is estimated to have a value of SEK 51 million. According to the framework agreement, Dynabyte will provide services within system integration, integration architecture, and method consulting.

Under this agreement, Dynabyte will provide comprehensive system integration services to enhance the technical capabilities of Sweden’s central financial institutions. This entails a close collaboration between Dynabyte’s team and the central bank to execute solutions that facilitate operations, reinforce security, and augment overall efficiency.

Anders Lentell, CEO of Dynabyte:

“The collaboration with Sweden’s Riksbank is not only a business success but also a milestone that reflects our commitment and expertise in system integration and architecture. We are excited to continue this journey, knowing that our work will significantly impact the financial sector.”

Jon Carvell, CEO Qgroup:

“The fact that we win a procurement of this dignity proves our capacity to deliver top quality at the absolute highest level and that our brand stands strong in the market.”

Sveriges Riksbank chose Dynabyte as its partner in this deal on 18 January 2024 and will finalize the agreement in the coming months.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Carvell, CEO Qgroup