Qgroup is Developing its own Digital Education Platform

QAcademy is the name of the new training platform that Qgroup developed to be able to produce on-demand training.

The platform is uniquely designed to promote knowledge sharing within Qgroup and to create tailored training for customers. QAcademy means that both employees and customers can request on-demand training in specific areas.

Qgroup today has over 800 IT consultants, each of whom possesses specialist knowledge across a very broad spectrum. Depending on a customer’s request, one or more handpicked specialists are selected to create and implement the training in the QAcademy platform.

In the future, Qgroup will also create training content, which will then be offered to external course participants.

Fredrik Book, VP Sales, Qgroup:

With QAcademy, we get to exchange all the specialist knowledge that we together possess within Qgroup. With the help of the platform, we can package knowledge and tailor training according to the recipient’s needs, both internally and externally. It is completely in line with our ambition to be “the world’s most desirable consultant club.”

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