Arcade Sundown, Gaming, Unity
Arcade Sundown, Gaming, Unity

Qgroup Gets Established in the Gaming Segment

Through its associated company, Fully Studios, the gaming segment has become another leg for Qgroup, where cooperation with major players such as Toca Boca and developing its own games are highly topical.

Since the beginning of 2022, Qgroup has been a partner in the Di Gasell company Fully Studios – an award-winning Swedish studio in Gothenburg and Stockholm that offers web and app development services, film, and games.

The game segment (video games, gaming) is growing strongly. Today, Fully Studios has a business that partly caters to customers who order game development assignments and partly has its own studio that develops unique games.

To be able to deliver top-class services, Fully Studios has brought experienced game developers into its team. The cutting-edge expertise has led to assignments for well-known game development companies such as Toca Boca, with which Fully Studios has collaborated for years. The task is to develop live service functionality for one of Toca Boca’s online games.

John Renäs, Studio Director at Fully Studios:

“Live service is an area within games where game development meets more traditional web backend, which requires a deep understanding of both disciplines, something we have taken upon ourselves to build within Fully Studios.”

Fully Studios’ sister company – The Fully Arcade – also launched its first game. Arcade Sundown, which involves shrinking your game character to mini size and facing off against others in pinball games in lively, short matches, has quickly become a buzz in the industry. Arcade Sundown can be played with one player or in a multiplayer system with 2-4 players. In the single-player mode, the player faces AI-guided opponents.

Joakim Hanner, Associate Creative Director, The Fully Arcade:

“We have developed our game over five years and are incredibly happy with the response we have received. We niche ourselves properly, focusing on a target group in the gaming market that appreciates multiplayer games. We plan to create more game products because games can last long. We are building for the long term so that our users have a relationship with our studio and recognize and appreciate our style.”

Mikael Kretz, Founder, Qgroup:

“It’s insanely fun that Qgroup, through part ownership of Fully Studios, has been allowed to enter this segment that oozes future, excitement, and playfulness. All of this resonates with Qgroup and what we stand for, and we are now looking at how we can develop this leg further.”