Qgroup forms new recruitment firm

Qlose is the new name of the recruitment firm that demonstrates Qgroup’s vision to spark
innovation in the industry.

Qgroup’s business concept is to individually select the best IT consultants in the industry, which the partly owned recruitment company Onyx has worked with on behalf of the group.

Now Onyx is being merged with the recruitment company 6Degrees, which has also distinguished itself as an innovator in the IT and tech segment. Together they create a recruitment business under a new common name – Qlose.

Qlose will invest in recruitment, consultant recruitment and consultancy for the IT industry and at the same time create a completely new platform for its candidates. The way of working is characterized by a mindset that has similarities with an agency that works actively for its candidates throughout their careers.

Martin Trikson, CEO at Qlose:
“Qlose moves away from traditional recruitment where a certain position must be filled against a static requirement specification. The job market has already shown completely different structures and we see more and more people looking for more than one job. The days when the employer is the only one who can make all the demands are gone. We meet this trend at Qlose by acting more as long-term partners and advisors to both companies, freelancers and candidates, rather than acting as selection machines and traditional recruitment consultants.”

Jon Carvell, CEO Qgroup:
“We have always wanted to challenge traditional ways of working, and Qlose is a great example of that. We have now created an agency that demonstrates that it is possible to handle recruitment in completely new ways and that appeals to today’s candidates and their work philosophy. Qlose will contribute to Qgroup’s future success as a modern IT consultancy that always looks ahead. It will also complement Qgroup’s overall offering.”

Qlose is partly owned by Qgroup (51%). Recruitment is carried out on a global level, both for Qgroup’s subsidiaries and for external customers.