Qgroup Expands into South Africa

Qgroup, one of Sweden’s leading global IT consultancy groups, announces its strategic partnership with Specno, a top-rated South African software and design agency. By becoming part-owner of the company, the deal will support Qgroup’s expansion into a new continent. Simultaneously, the agreement will bring innovative software development and design approaches to the Swedish market.

As part of Qgroup’s expansion strategy, the IT group enters the much-anticipated South African market by becoming part-owner of Specno. The company is recognized as the number one software and design agency in South Africa as it has developed a unique framework for building and scaling software ventures, a formula they’re now aiming to distribute to one million entrepreneurs worldwide.

Mikael Kretz, founder of Qgroup, comments:

“This partnership signals Qgroup’s commitment to fostering global tech innovation. Specno’s expertise in building successful tech ventures is remarkable, and the company’s commitment to fostering innovation ecosystems aligns perfectly with our investment strategy. This collaboration allows us to gain rich insights into Africa’s growing tech industry while simultaneously providing the Swedish market with world-class development resources.”

Qgroup will work to establish Specno’s services in Sweden, ensuring the company can invest in training and employing local Swedish talent. Specno’s expansion into Sweden brings a new player into the Swedish tech ecosystem, fostering cross-cultural tech innovation and opening up more extensive global collaboration opportunities.

Daniel Novitzkas, CEO of Specno, comments:

“Specno isn’t simply coming to Sweden to do business. We are dedicated to contributing to and nurturing Sweden’s vibrant innovation ecosystem. Specno’s expansion is mutually beneficial for both parties. The South African agency gains access to Qgroup’s pool of 850 consultants, significantly enhancing its capacity to take on large-scale projects. Conversely, Qgroup can leverage Specno’s expertise and insights to explore potential opportunities in Africa’s growing tech market.”

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About Qgroup

Qgroup is a global group consisting of independent and highly specialized IT consulting companies that operate under their brands. Since starting in 2012 in Malmö, the Group has expanded significantly through 30 organically started companies that had sales of SEK 629 million in 2022. Qgroup works with a clear growth strategy focusing on recruiting and developing driven entrepreneurs to create and build companies around them and their competencies. Today, Qgroup operates in 11 countries and 20 locations around Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

About Specno

Specno is a leading software and design agency known for its innovative approach to building successful tech ventures. The company has developed a unique framework for building and scaling software ventures, a formula they aim to distribute to one million entrepreneurs worldwide.


  • Specno employs around 50 people and is based in Capetown, South Africa.
  • With an ambition to be globally recognized, Specno has proven its competence by ranking as the number one agency in South Africa and the 30th globally on
  • Co-founded by Daniel Novitzkas and Jacques Jordaan, who has built and accelerated over 150 tech ventures for corporations and entrepreneurs in its five-year history. This includes numerous successful fundraisers and exits.
  • Specno’s track record of helping ventures secure funding is significant, as it indicates its deep understanding of the technological and financial aspects of launching and scaling tech startups.