Qgroup enters Japan

The IT group is growing with a new consulting company in Tokyo.

Since launching ten years ago, the Swedish IT group Qgroup has grown to become one of Sweden’s leaders in the IT industry. Qgroup also runs operations in Europe, Asia, and the USA, and the group currently has over 800 specialist consultants in ten countries.

Now Qgroup is opening its first office in Tokyo, Japan, marking the company’s ambition to grow internationally. The company’s name will be AtaraQi by Qgroup and will initially focus on consulting services within cyber security.

Andreas Petersen, establishment manager, comments:
“Japan is an exciting market helping to drive development in certain parts of the IT sector, and we have looked at establishing ourselves here for quite some time. We have finally reached our goal now when establishing our new company and office. Japan has a way of working that is different and exciting, and we intend to attract and recruit more employees locally. In the long term, we will have around twenty consultants linked to the company.”