Qgroup becomes the majority owner of Dynabyte AB

Qgroup acquires an additional 21 percent of Dynabyte AB and thus becomes the company's majority owner.

Dynabyte is a Stockholm-based IT consulting company at the forefront of digital change for almost two decades. In 2022, the company had a turnover of SEK 38 million with a profit of just over 15 percent.

Qgroup saw the potential in the company early on and became a partner in Dynabyte AB as early as 2020. The next step in the business occurs when Qgroup acquires another 21 percent and thus becomes the majority owner with a total of 51 percent.

Jon Carvell, CEO of Qgroup, comments:

“For several years, we have seen the company develop in exactly the right direction; hence it is a natural step for us to become the majority owner now. The deal means we can further strengthen our delivery capacity within the development and project management solutions in Stockholm.”

Anders Lentell, Dynabyte CEO, comments:

“Over the years, it has been clear that Dynabyte and Qgroup have a good consensus regarding what we want and what is important, which has led to us taking the next step in the collaboration this spring. We create an even stronger offer for our customers and open opportunities for new and larger commitments.”