Linda Bjernstål Joins Qgroup's Board of Directors

The entrepreneur and business angel Linda Bjernstål has been appointed as a new board member of QCG Sweden AB (Qgroup).

Linda Bjernstål, born in 1976, grew up on the outskirts of Helsingborg and has an entrepreneurial background. She founded and ran the travel site, which she sold after just over a decade to make further investments as an entrepreneur and business angel.

Linda has received several awards for her success as an entrepreneur, including Dagens Industri’s desirable designation “Digital Gazelle of the Year” in 2015. Linda has experience in board work from her own companies and from Handelsbanken in Helsingborg and Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport. She has also been a senior advisor to the logistics company NoWaste.

Mikael Kretz, Qgroup founder:

“Linda Bjernstål will be a positive addition to our board and operations. She has a solid background in running and creating companies and comes in with skills, power, and energy that suit us perfectly.”

Linda Bjernstål:

“It’s fun to be back in tech. That’s where I have my roots firmly in another industry. Qgroup has grown strongly in recent years but is still rooted in entrepreneurship. I look forward to working on that and contributing my skills from my growth journey with Flygstolen.”

In addition to Linda Bjernstål, Qgroup’s board also includes Göran Linder, chairman of the board; Mikael Kretz, founder of Qgroup; Håkan Paulsson, founder of Qgroup; Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt; Fredrik Wester, CEO and board member of Paradox Interactive and Sam Rihani, Former Country Director Facebook.