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Every now and then, a component’s life span will reach its end. This occurs for variety of reasons: the focus moves to a new generation, the company went out of business, etc. Nonetheless, your complex product might still be in production or you might need to perform services with products still in the market. What’s the next step then?

This happened to one of our customers, a leading supplier of blood analysis systems for point-of-care customers. These products have been in the market for quite some time. When this situation arose, components needed to be picked apart and low-level software needed to be developed. But as we were preparing for validation and verification in the medtech industry, we thought, why not add some additional value during the development phase?

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Year: 2016

Client: Secret

Captivating fact: To live longer some products need new “organ transplants”

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Johan from In inQore was part of a team developing these new analyzers. Given the small size of the team, he was involved in all the phases of the development, from analysis and design to implementation and testing.Development was executed utilizing test-driven development through Unity framework. The system itself was limited in terms of physical resources like CPU power and available memory, meaning efficient coding was paramount.

As a senior consultant with specialized expertise and a service-minded personality, Johan is a prime example of how we work with customers to solve problems in complex embedded systems. Each individual in the team needs to pull their own weight and then some, as well as have the courage to question decisions and make their own experience-based suggestions.

This active investment in successful outcomes is fostered by matching the right people with the right assignments — a key component of Qgroup’s approach to excellence.  

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