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In collaborating Baxter (formerly known as GAMBRO), we had the privilege of working to develop a new generation of dialysis machines. Throughout a development phase spanning several years, it was a thrill to have some of our best consultants on site to help Baxter not only make this product a success, but to exceed all expectations in terms of technical sophistication and usability.

At Qlue, we are a multicultural crew of professional and energetic people. As a next generation IT consultancy, we work with a diverse list of clients bringing a broad range of techniques and capacities to bear in developing products that work.

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We were brought in to help Baxter create the dialysis machine AK 98, which would be tailored to the needs of chronically ill patients. Our consultant superstars drew from methodological principles to determine validity and ensure consistency throughout the project, while adapting the principles to the specific nature of this particular product.


Our process included analyzing the system not only sectionally, but also as a whole: covering requirements, writing test cases, implementing phases, executing formal verification through validation and performing sustaining engineering. All the while leveraging a solid and clear test mass to establish remarkable coverage, leading to one of the most advanced medical devices in the medical industry.

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Creating a user-friendly experience combined with extremely advanced technology was no small achievement. In the end, the response to what we helped build was nothing short of fantastic. The reports from hospitals around the world was overwhelmingly positive. The gratifying feedback continues even to this day.

By ensuring the quality of the AK 98, we helped Baxter deliver a product for people in need, and one that will serve them for years to come. This story relates just one of many engaging experiences that make us proud to be who we are.

On a daily basis, we work within complex industries, hammering out tomorrow’s technologies with persistence and care and intelligence, striving to bring about and secure what we think is paramount for any company: Quality.

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