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Data Wise Academy transforms a manufacturing company's data management approach

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Data Wise Academy

As a strategic advisor to the CEO and agent of change Data Wise Academy kick-started a company-wide dynamic to grow a data culture and the development of lean processes. We crafted a tailored internal methodology for training for a rapid roll-out. Over 3 months, 5 countries, 100 people got trained and adopted efficient data management approaches.

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Year: 2017

Client: Confidential

Captivating fact: Growing a data culture and developing lean processes

What was the project about?

This large manufacturing company was struggling in aligning its different stakeholders around data plus the different approaches to create a data culture, and data-driven processes had failed due to lack of cohesive thinking, proper training, and absence of tangible quick wins.

People Working Together

Our Approach

We relied on our successful approach of stakeholder alignment, motivational speaking, world-class data training, hands-on workshop, and ongoing support. One specific aspect of this engagement was our collaboration with the data analytics and IT organization to build a integrate user accessible solutions that would have the agility to support the rapid fire of the many lean processes that the newly trained teams would design.

We also created a completely tailored training + workshop methodology that the internal trainers could take and deliver across the organization.


What was the end result?

The organization is now training new data-savvy employees every week. The previous approaches solely focused on big data stories, data science algorithms, or coding that failed to empower the teams got replaced by our standard methodology that continued to be improved iterations after iterations.

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