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Data Wise Academy empowers global finance team

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Data Wise Academy

Data Wise Academy empowers global finance team to successfully design, implement, and run a profitability analytics. Previous attempts to solve this project had repeatedly failed over the past 3 years, and after training and workshops the team solved it in 3 months… autonomously.

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Year: 2017

Client: Confidential

Captivating fact: Designing, running and implementing profitability analytics

The Assignment

The project was multiple fold:

  • Create a data-driven culture in a world of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Make finance processes leaner and cut down processes from days to minutes
  • Recover from a failed big data/data lake implementation which never got traction with the business and turned people away from data.
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Our Approach

We rolled out a multi-staged intervention over a 3-month period. We aligned senior management, IT, and finance along the same philosophy of managing data. We ignited new dynamics for the global finance team through motivational keynotes, and we rolled out trainings and workshops to infuse solid data expertise, to get started fast and deliver quick-wins.

Data CEO

What was the end result?

The company is now running a training program of its own, gradually empowering their finance teams around the world. Our train-the-trainer approach has enabled this bank to fast track its transformation and now to sustain it organically. We can now focus on more advanced subject and look toward the New Frontier: Data Science.

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